About Our Company


Our commodities trading company is a storehouse of specialized, experienced and dedicated professionals, who have acquired the judicious way of trading methodologies by virtue of working from the basic root level. Having proven experiences in both spot and futures commodities trading for more than 20 years we have transformed our knowledge of conventional commodities trading methodologies to the futuristic approach of online commodities trading, and equally balancing both the extremities avoiding any conflicts whatsoever.

Why use the both?
With the world keeping in pace with the high-end concepts of technology, you might surely wonder why we are still practicing the conventional ‘broker’ medium of commodity trading! It is for our loyal customers who have come so far with us right from our emergence and understanding their difficulty in adapting to innovative, commodities trading platforms using our advanced software, we still offer the old-school preaching of trading.

Our Vision
We believe in offering world class cost-effective service without compromising on quality and commitment, no matter whether you are a high volume trader or a low volume trader, a traditional trader or an online trader.

Why choose us?
You should certainly choose us as your commodities trading consultants if you want to

  • Experience the innovative user-friendly commodity trading platform with sophisticated features skillfully combining both the spot commodities trading practices and futures commodity trading practices. Yes, we offer unified trading platform for both the commodities trading types, making it easier for you to choose between the types according to your market expectations.
  • Enjoy reduced commission rate for any form of trading types
  • Understand the real-time quality and price information of the commodities, through our automated commodities system, and you also can monitor the shipment details of your commodities and get notified on important action points.
  • Explore the commodities markets of different geographies, as we have potential tie-ups in various countries across the globe including USA, Canada, UAE, Qatar, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Germany, U.K and France.
  • Witness the exclusive guidance for all your extraordinary queries, 24/7.

Enjoy 100% satisfied customer service.